Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tired & Matchbox #7

I'm kind of glad that I have 25 matchboxes to blog about for 25 days in December.  Because that means that on days when I'm feeling too tired to think ~ well, I don't have to.  Kind of like today!  Here's a little candle that I had for sale at the craft shows ~ it's perfect for today.


Matchbox #7

Sweet matchbox #7 comes from Jenna of Corgi Pants.  Love the image on this one! The stocking hat on this little guy just makes me smile.  Tucked inside is a tiny package to hang on a tiny tree. It was wrapped up in some very cute Christmas fabric.  Included were two vintage Christmas seals. They always have such nice images on them.  Obviously I didn't pay any attention to what one of them said....I opened this up right away!
Thank you Jenna ~ I love this matchbox!!


Dorthe said...

Dear Marie--one each day, to make you smile :)
and love your cosy candle.

LDH said...

It is a season for tired folks with lots to do. Hope you are able to find a few minutes of rest each day. Sweet candle and adorable matchbox!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

each little box makes me smile...and I love your candle.

Erica said...

What a fun box and gift!

Ann said...

25 matchboxes is definitely good for 25 posts and if you wanted you could stretch it to 26 by doing a final post showing all of them together...lol
That one is adorable. Love the stamp on the front.
I like that candle too.

Angela said...

Oh sorry you are tired - looks like you are a couple hrs ahead of me! Pretty matchboxes. Your kiddos are cutie pies! Have a good night!