Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gramma's Little Elves & Matchbox #15

It sure is hard to get this little ones to pose for a photo.  But at least we got them to look at the camera!  This was about 10 days ago at Penelope's house.  Doesn't she have a pretty tree?  The tree has moved since this was's in the big kitchen....on the other side of the gate.  Charlotte has been staying at Penelope's house since her nanny had her baby.  Two Toddlers vs The Tree. The tree lost!


Matchbox #15
Elena of The Traveling Princess sent me today's matchbox.  I love all the sparkle on the Christmas tree and look how she attached the's a little flag on a pin.  Inside I found a little "hope" and a wonderful charm!  I have the perfect chain for it to dangle from.   Did you notice something extra on the front of the matchbox?  It's a sparkly breast cancer "ribbon"!  Thank you Elena....this one is extra-special! 


LDH said...

Good Morning, Dear Marie!

I love the photos of the little ones! The picnic table is the perfect prop... Christmas Card adorable!

Sweet little matchbox too. What a nice collection you have.

You write the most heartwarming and kind comments. I love your heart and so enjoy your friendship. A true blessing :)

Hope you have a great day today! Stay warm!

woodandfabric said...

Wonderful little matchbox! I love your picnic table too!
Michelle *Ü*

Debbie said...

Good Morning Marie,

I love the pictures of the babies! The tree is beautiful and can blame the girls for wanting to check it out. lol Hope your staying warm over there. We are getting ready for a bout of sleet here today. Hoping for a snow day! *laughing*

Stay warm,

Keke said...

Marie, Thank you so much, I got your match box #11 and I absolutely loved it!! So over the top awesomely cute and I love, loved the bottle cap! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday, and I know you will since you get to be surrounded by those adorable little babies I saw in your pics! Thanks again, Keke

Shelley said...

Thats a sweet little matchbox....and beautiful pictures of your babies...Congrats to Charlotte's Nanny on the birth of her sweet boy...blessings

Ann said...

Very cute little elves. I think I would have moved the tree Must be a very active and fun household right now
Cute box. Love the way it's decorated.

Linda said...

I love how it looks like it just snowed on the matchbox. Your grandbabies are adorable!