Monday, December 20, 2010

IBand & Matchbox #20

Check out IBand!  This video is three songs and about 7 minutes long. 
Now personally I prefer traditional instruments...but I have to admit that this is really cool and very fun!  I really liked it a lot! 
Thank you Regina (Tales from a Leakey Faucet) for sharing this on your blog!

Matchbox #20

I think this little matchbox is so sweet.....and very unique.  Heidi of Queen For A Day made this matchbox look like a tiny house complete with a tiny tree!  Wouldn't you love a front door like this one?!  Tucked nside is a Santa yearbook picture.  What a cute, cute, cute idea!  Thank you Heidi 


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Love the little house matchboxes.All the boxes have been really wonderful.

Pam said...

Just stopped by the let you know that I received your Day 20 Matchbox. I love the magnet tucked inside the lovely box. Thank you.

Ann said...

Loved the video, that looks like fun :)
I think this is my favorite matchbox yet. that is just the cutest

LDH said...

Love this! John and I just watched and I forwarded your link to our girls. I could see Jared doing this some day. :)