Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still At It.....

sim·pli·fy verb \ˈsim-plə-ˌfī\
sim·pli·fied sim·pli·fy·ing

Definition of SIMPLIFY
transitive verb
- to make simple or simpler: as, a : to reduce to basic essentials, b : to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline, c : to make more intelligible : clarify
- sim·pli·fi·ca·tion \ˌsim-plə-fə-ˈkā-shən\ noun
- sim·pli·fi·er \ˈsim-plə-ˌfī(-ə)r\ noun


Debbie said...

I hope your having a wonderful weekend!


Shelley said...

I see what you are up to this weekend :)
Have a wonderful one my dear friend....blessings,Shelley

Lululiz said...

I don't think I have it in me to simplify, lol.

LDH said...

Today I am going through a small mountain of papers that accumulates weekly. Tossing and filing. Never ends. Now, I try to be extra careful of what I keep because the files get too big!

Boo-Bah said...

Simplifying can be real hard work sometimes. Recently I cleared out 160 cookbooks and took them to Goodwill. It felt good, sort of freeing but sad too. At 71 I realized I could never ever possibly cook everything in those books. I've been a dreamer, which isn't all bad I guess.
Hope your weekend is going good.

Ann said...

You're on a roll with this, good job. It makes me think that maybe I should clean this clutter off my desk that I'm looking

Anonymous said... that a photo from your computer that you took last year or do you have GREEN stuff growing down there already?! No fair if you have spring before us! ;-) I hear you on the "simplify" message, girlfriend! *sigh*
Hugs and Happy Sunday afternoon to you even if you DO have grass growing instead of snow like we do. Diane

Shelley said...

Keep up the good work!

Scrap for Joy said...

I am giving you a standing are so inspirational Marie! I have 2 bags ready for the vets and I need to call the library about some books....but I have a long way to go. How's your knee feeling? I've missed visiting my favorite bogs...I've been tied up with a variety of things and there are not enough hours in the day.
I hope you have a gentle week dear friend!

RACHELLE said...

Simplify-- has been my motto for this year too!

i am dejunking, decluttering, organizing and FEELING GREAT.

love the stones!