Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Rooms

This is the entry level of my home....three rooms....about 550 square feet.  When the whole bunch is together this is where the action takes place.  The living room, dining room, and the kitchen.
I really wanted it to be a very festive space this year.  So I filled it with Christmas decorations. 
This space is behind the front door. Up until a couple months ago it was filled with a small china cupboard. I wanted there to be room for shoes and coats so we made some changes.  I found this aqua cabinet at Homegoods...love this color!  Behind the doors are books for my grandchildren.  There's a shelf beneath the doors...I'd like to add a couple baskets to it.  It'll be a great space to corral the 'stuff' my family sometimes leaves behind after visiting.
I bought this 'shoe tree' on our recent window shopping trip to Ellicott City.
I think it's the sweetest little shoe!
This is the living room...this is also where the little guys eat dinner during our family get togethers.  We set a table up between the couch and the loveseat for them.  Gramma (aka me) usually eats at the kiddie table too! 
The star that you see in the photo above is in our family room...it's down about seven stairs.  Our house is a split level. Four levels...each about 550 square feet.  The stairs going up lead to three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The fourth level is beneath this living room level.  My craft space and a storage room are down there. 
As I mentioned, I filled these rooms with decorations.  If I wanted it displayed I found a space for it!!  Bill made it a little more challenging by bringing home three large Poinsettia plants.  But I managed to squeeze in everything that I wanted to. 
Our dining room is my favorite space....probably because we spend a lot of time in here with the whole family.  The high chair (cleverly camouflaged by a Poinsettia) has been a regular part of this room for almost five years.  It's destined to be a family heirloom...I hope.
Don't you love my vintage Christmas card bunting?! 
Katie & Mark & Charlotte & Lulu gave it to me for Christmas.  I love it!!

Anyone notice the blue painter's tape that I used to hang the bunting?  Oops!
So sorry that I didn't get a better photo of the kitchen.  The stove is next to the refrigerator, and the sink is opposite the red framed bulletin board.  It's a small kitchen...and it's quite amusing and very cozy when it's filled with all the cooks and bottle washers in the family!!
There's a window over the sink with shelves on either side.  You can see a tiny bit of one shelf in the photo below (on the left).  Cheery Santas filled with English Boxwood decorate the windowsill...and the Rosemary tree smells so good!

I bought this tree this year...couldn't resist it!  Standing nearby is one of my very favorite squirrels. Love his sweet face!

Here's a photo of the whole bunch...it was taken during my mom's visit last June.  She'll be visiting again in February....'cause she wants to meet great grandchild # 12!!
Hope you enjoyed a peek at my three favorite rooms in the house.  They look pretty good when they're empty...but they look the very best when they're filled with the people I love!
Happy Winter!
Happy New Year's Eve!
Be Safe!
See you next year!!!!


~Patricia said...

Your home looks so beautiful and filled with Christmas cheer!

Ann said...

Everything looks amazing Marie. You have so many cute decorations. Love how you use books and even ornament boxes

Scrap for Joy said...

So many cute things (love the teddy choristers and a squirrel as Christmas decor) and great ideas (Christmas card banner and the tree in the baby shoe). I always love your tours...your home is one I could spend lots of cozy time enjoying.
Happy, Healthy New Year dear friend!
Much love to you and your bunch!

South City Hues said...

Thank you for sharing your home Marie! It is warm and full of love. Have a Happy New Year.

Simply Shelley said...

It was so fun seeing so much of your home. So beautiful,and I loved all your decorations. Happy New Year sweet friend

Anonymous said...

Marie, loved seeing all your Christmas decorations. Everything is just lovely!! You really know how to group everything so nicely. Happy New Year! Pj

Peggy said...

Beautiful home Marie! I love all the vintage Christmas decorations. It's true, homes are always at their best filled with people you love! Happy New Year!

Linda said...

I love every little nook and cranny! I want to sit in that inviting living room with you and have a nice long visit ! And every time I see pictures of your grandbabies, I am in awe of their hair and eyes and incredible beauty! Thanks for sharing!