Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Backyard

Bill was off yesterday so we worked in the yard a little bit. Actually he worked in the yard A LOT....I didn't do much though.  I managed to pull some weeds and do some sweeping but my knee isn't up to intensive gardening yet.  Soon, but not quite yet.  Once I finished all my hard work I wandered around taking pictures.  As I mentioned the other day, there's not a whole lot of beauty going on in my yard right now ~ changing that a bit is our Spring time project.  But I keep finding little things in the yard that make me happy... this little Azalea plant. Their are Azaleas blooming everywhere in my neighborhood but for some reason we just don't have a lot of luck with them. I'm really happy to see a bush full of blooms this year. That's Jerome the Gnome in the background....he makes me happy too!

Rosebuds!!  There's a bunch of them. The prospect of roses makes me very happy.  Especially since they look like THIS when they bloom!

I planted these Columbine plants four years ago.  This is the first time we've ever seen flowers on them. Beautiful, aren't they ~ they were worth the wait!  Happy ~ Happy!!

My weathered angel and my "busted" window.  They've been hanging around for years!  I love both pieces, but what's makes me really happy about this picture is the skinny little maple tree that's growing in that pot that I neglected to put away last fall.  A new tree ~ yea!  

A bird feeder in need of repair and some colorful pots in need of some flowers ~ I just really like this picture and I really love that moss!!  I think I may do some kind of display in the feeder.  I'll be sure to share my efforts.   I hope you have time to look for things that make you happy today!


Happy Birthday to my Dad.
Born April 28, 1929
Died December 18, 1970

He would have been 82 years old.
He died when he was 41 years old.....41 years ago.


kathy said...

Marie ,, oH so lovely !!!!kathy - ga ♥

Jo said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially like the Azalea's... Not that I'm bias or anything. ;-)

Katherine Thomas said...

This is such a wonderful post Marie. The flowers are gorgeous, and your photography makes them look spectacular. Such a nice tribute to your dad. It touched my heart because my own dad was born in 1928, and he's doing well still, thank goodness. But my mom died at the age of 43. I often think about how much of life she was cheated out of. Have a wonderful day today, my friend. :)

Ann said...

Lovely pictures. I love those Columbine, so so pretty.
I don't have a whole lot in my yard that's much to look at but if I look hard enough I can find a few happy things too :)

LDH said...

There is LOTS of beauty in your garden! Pretty photos! The moss on the weathered bird feeder is the best! Love the photo. I think it would look fabulous edited with some textures and fading.

Happy your knees are getting stronger!