Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Living Room ~ Decorated

I finished decorating my living room last weekend and I'm very happy with the results.  Little vignettes scattered throughout the room make me happy. 
No plastic ornaments this year.  I'm back to using all the ornaments I've collected over the years.  Elijah, Charlotte and Penelope are (hopefully) old enough to understand that they shouldn't touch...and Caleb isn't mobile enough to reach them!
The bookcase is my favorite piece of was given to us about thirty years ago by Bill's parents. They had it hidden away in their basement. It's a beautiful piece of furniture and the only piece that has always "lived" in the same spot in our home. 
I like to cover the picture in the frame above the bookcase with wrapping paper at Christmas time ~ this is the second year I've used this pattern..I love poinsettias!

This creamy white cupboard was purchased about 18 years old, with the intention of painting it.  I still intend to paint it.  Then there's that mirror that I asked for "Opinions Please".  I still haven't made up my mind about what to do with it.  Someday I will.  The white cupboard is a "Christmas Cupboard" all year round.  Manyof my favorite decorations are stored inside.  The cupboard is in an alcove behind the front door..the perfect spot for a bit of Christmas every day!


The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Marie, your home is absolutely magical!!!! I love each and every touch!!! I know your precious grandchildren will be in awe ~ the bookcase is so beautiful to me!!! And your tree is PERFECT! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas....filled with those you love and all you love ~ sending you hugs and love dear friend, Dawn

LDH said...

Dear Marie, Your home is LOVELY! I have so enjoyed each photo and every vignette! I tried to pick a favorite but cannot as it is all so festive and pretty. You should link up to DIY showcase. Here is the link:

Sending wishes for a Very Merry Christmas to my Very Dear Friend!
Love, Lorraine

MosaicMagpie said...

Everything is beautiful and I love the tree, filled with meaningful ornaments. The bookcase is my favorite, love the look of all the creamy whites. Merry Christmas!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, I love all your beautiful christmas decked home. You have so many beautiful items, and they all looks gorgeous together.
Again a merry christmas to you, and a very happy new year-I`m off to holiday pause, after today :)

Shelley said...

Its a beautiful Christmas your Christmas cupboard....We all should keep out a little Christmas all year long just to remember to keep the spirit at all times...blessings

Linda said...

Your home is lovely, Marie! I love all the little houses and bottle brush trees, especially! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog...I am a new follower, too, and on your Pinterest, too!

Ann said...

Everything looks wonderful Marie. You are definitely decorated to perfection. I bet the little ones love seeing all your Christmas decorations. The tree looks just beautiful and I love the idea of covering a picture with wrapping paper.