Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Special Day

Today is our anniversary....31 years for Bill and I! 
I couldn't have married a better man!
I'm not quite sure what his expression means in this photo.
Maybe something like "perfectly pleased"!

In honor of this special day we'll be having Little Caesar's pizza, Vernors ginger-ale and Red Swedish fish...oh no, wait, we're having those things because tonight the Detroit Red Wings play their first play-off game of the 2011-2012 season!  It's's what we do.  Woo Hoo!

Happy Anniversary to Bill ~ I love you!
Maybe dinner out on Saturday long as the Red Wings aren't playing that is!

Let's Go Detroit Red Wings!!

Bill and I grew up in the Detroit, MI. area and we've been Red Wing fans for a long time.  Mandy and Katie & Mark share our enthusiasm.  So they, along with several friends, will be joining in the hockey anniversary fun!


Just in case you're wondering what pizza, ginger-ale and fish have to do with one another and on:

Michael "Mike" Ilitch Sr. (July 20, 1929) is an American entrepreneur, founder and owner of the international fast food franchise Little Caesars Pizza. He owns both the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, and Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.
(obviously no explanation is needed here)

Vernors Ginger Soda is America's oldest surviving soft drink. It was created in 1866 by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist. 
(A Detroit connection PLUS we really like how it tastes!)

Swedish Fish is a type of chewy fish-shaped candy. It has been developed with special flavors specifically for the North American market by the Swedish candy producer Malaco, which exports products to North America.
(Okay, so this one might be a little "out there" so to speak. We like to eat Swedish Fish. You can buy packages of all red Swedish Fish.  Out of thirty-one Red Wing hockey players 7 of them are Swedish.  I know, it makes total sense....right?!)


Wish You Were Here said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are from the Detroit area, too! Though we've been in AZ for 26 yrs., I still consider the Tigers "my team"! Enjoy your pizza, Vernor's and Swedish Fish! Hugs, Janice

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, a happy anniversary to you two-and enjoy the game tonight :-)

LDH said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! What a delightful way to celebrate! With the fun menu and agenda planned and his sweet wife by his side, I can see why Bill looks so contented.

I'll give a little cheer for the Detroit Red Wings but I will have to do it quietly around these crazy Flyer fans here :)

Hopemore Studio said...

That is a hockey fan myself I totally get the love affair with tradition/superstition. Good Luck to your Red Wings.

Scrap for Joy said...

First of all and most importantly Happy Anniversary! I'm sure you've been a blessing to each other.
Now for hockey....hahahaha!
We start tonight, too, against the Flyers. I don't know if you knew this but I am from Philadelphia. I have been a Phillies fan but not the Eagles and never the Flyers. I love your dinner menu for tonight! My son, who lives on Long Island, is having Pierogies tonight in honor of the Pens but we're not doing anything special except wearing our jerseys, of course. We are going to the game on Friday night which will be fun but I'm hoping there isn't a lot of fighting. These 2 teams are real enemies so I'm sure it will be action packed.
Enjoy your celebration...I'll be thinking about you!

Ann said...

Happy Anniversary, enjoy your celebration

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Marie!

XO Diane