Thursday, April 19, 2012


I picked up a pot of orange Tulips about a week or so before Easter.  There were six tight buds standing straight and tall.  Several days later they were glowing orange blooms and I admired them each time I passed them by.   The petals reminded me of the sun at the end of the day....vibrant, fiery and bold.  They were in bloom for much longer than I thought they would be.  But then it happened....they started to droop their heads.  Just a little each day.  Then one by one the petals dropped to the tabletop.  But only five blooms lost their glow.

This lone bloom was quite the kept it's petals the longest by far.  : )

I took these two photos four days ago....I figured it wouldn't be long before these petals would disappear as well.  But no.......'s the plant last night.  It's on the way to a flower bed in the backyard.  I admit there is nothing glowing about the lone bloom anymore.  It's looking a little sad. But don't you love how the other five stood right back up in their nakedness after they dropped all their orange glow!

The last bloom...down to five petals. They're dried up and wrinkly but next year they'll be back and they'll be just as beautiful as they were this year!  I guess you'll have to take my word on that since I forgot to take any "before" photos!! 

I definitely think I got my money's worth out of this potted plant!!


Dorthe said...

They have been so beautiful, and the last one bloomed have to be a very strong one- that will surely give you much joy, next year again, dear Marie. A wonderful purchase.
Hugs,xx Dorthe

Ann said...

I bet they were gorgeous all together. They sure did give you a good show for a while. Amazing how long that last one has hung on