Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Belated Birthday Post

Sweet little Penelope turned 3 years old on March 25th.  Between having company and then a craft show this Gramma never posted about her birthday.  Bad Gramma!

She had a pink birthday brunch on Saturday the 24th.   Her Aunt Natalie (Jacqi's sister) made her this wonderful birthday pancake pile...complete with berries & whipped cream! Yum!!

Pink balloons...a peek at the pink origami butterflies decorating the wall (her mommy made those) and a pile of presents just for Penelope. 

That evening Penelope got to play a little bit of Rock Band.  She is totally into the singing role!

My mom arrived the evening before the birthday brunch so Penelope had an extra-special guest to celebrate with.  My mom hadn't seen Penelope since she was about 3 months old.  You never would have known that. Penelope was in love with her great-grandma immediately.  I love this photo....can you see the happiness in my mom's eyes and the crinkle of Penelope's!!?  

Happy Belated Birthday to you...Miss Penelope!!
You are such a sweetie...I love you a bunch!!

 3rd ,4th & 7th photos were taken by Jacqi...the other four are mine.


Katherine Thomas said...

Marie! Those photos are awesome! Everyone of them looks so professional. She is such a cutey pie!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Penelope with the Pancake birthday cake! Love her beautiful dress. She is such a cutie. Pj

Shelley said...

Beautiful child...yes,your mama looks so happy. I am glad she got to be there with you all. It must be hard having her live so far from you. Great post today Marie...blessings

Anonymous said...

How sweet. Love the one where she is holding the flowers!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Marie, Miss Penelope could not be any cuter! What an ANGEL face and I loved looking at her very special birthday party photos. Now that pile o'pancakes is making me quite hungry at this very moment. And I spy a hint of PINK in the mix?

Love you lots and thank you for your prayers....**hugs**


Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Penelope. That is some impressive stack of pancakes. I just love that last picture, it's downright precious

Scrap for Joy said...

This was the most adorable post! I can't believe Penelope is 3 years old!!I can remember when she was born..the day after my daughter's birthday (wait-that didn't come out right-my daughter was 39 this year..not 3-LOL) The pictures are precious, especially that last one! Whose heart wouldn't be melted by that face?