Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Giveaway

We'll be having a yard sale soon and I've been busy gathering up goodies for the sale.  Sometimes I come across things that I no longer need but I think they're just too pretty for a yard sale.  For instance:

Here's a lovely Lenox bud vase from the Barrington Collection.  It measures approximately 7 1/2" tall.
The top has about a 1" diameter opening; the base diameter is about 2".  It is the classic Lenox creamy color with pretty pink flowers and buds.  The top of the base and the rim have golden trim.

I'd much rather give this to someone who reads my how about a QUICK little giveaway!!

Anyone want it?  Leave a comment and I'll pick one on Tuesday morning. 
May 1st. 
Happy May Day!!


Anonymous said...

Marie, you should keep this vase it is a lovely piece. Pj

Ann said...

what a pretty vase that is. I need to have a garage sale but that's so much work :)

Peggy said...

You're right. Too pretty for a garage sale. I'm sure I could move one more thing to make room for it. Ha! Wishing you great success with the garage sale.