Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Little Word ~ Simplify

I have been feeling over-whelmed by life for the past several years.  It's partly because of the way I've lived for many years before. I'm a collector and a saver and a procrastinator and I have a lot of good intentions. But I just don't have a lot of time.  Add to the mix some big changes in my life over the past several years. 
On Christmas morning we were sitting in the living room looking at all the stuff in the room. Decorations, brightly wrapped packages, much stuff.  Stuff that spilled over into the kitchen, the family and the rest of the house for that matter.  One of my daughters pointed at one of the "decorations" ~ she thought it was kind of funny to see it in the midst of all the stuff.

There it was ~ staring down at us from above.  SIMPLIFY.  In this house it's not a statement of's more like a dream...wishful thinking.  I want it to be a reality. And I'm not talking about just the material things either. I want to SIMPLIFY my surroundings, my soul and my spirit.

So my "One Little Word" for 2011 is SIMPLIFY.

Definition of SIMPLIFY
transitive verb
: to make simple or simpler: as a : to reduce to basic essentials, b : to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline, c : to make more intelligible : clarify

Synonyms: streamline
Antonyms: complex, complexify, complicate, perplex, sophisticate

Out with complicated and in with simplified.  Starting now.


Sandy said...

Oh....I so have been here!!!!!! I have a very good friend tht will come in and help me stay focused and in the "giveaway or sell" mode....what I have learned from her is this:....start in ONE space and pick up ONE item and go from there....for me it was the overwhelming "starting the process" that stopped me from ever getting it done! Plus I ask myself???? Do I absolutely love this? If not then it must gets easier, I promise!!!! And you start to feel so much lighter! I am right here cheering you on! Sandy

Ann said...

You and I sound so much alike Marie. Collector, saver, procrastinator, I'm all of those. I also put too many demands on myself and usually fall short of my good intentions which only adds to my frustrations.
Lets hope that both of us are able to simplify this year.

LDH said...

Love the word simplify! I learned a long time ago that when my environment is busy, I feel overwhelmed. It takes constant diligence to keep things from accumulating but I do try hard. One of the reasons I love January is that all of the Christmas gets put away and the house feels lighter, brighter and cleaner. And so do I :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Now I really DO think we are sisters seperated at birth! Good luck to us this year!! I know we will cheer each other on. Really! How funny is this?

Shelley said...

Me too Marie....I plan to work toward it more this year....I am reading a book now called The Rewards of Simplicity..."A Practical and Spiritual Approach" By,Pam & Chuck D.Pierce
Its good I recommend it....

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Time has not been the answer for me. Unemployed for a year, I'm still not on top of the "issue" but lately I find the word RESTRAINT to be a helpful mantra - at the computer, at the craft store, perusing magazines and art books, spending money. In this era of SO MUCH to choose from, I think it behooves us to develop our restraint muscles. Just my thoughts for the day. I like the synonyms too: curb, bridle, shackle (?). :o)
~ Suzanne ~