Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crafting with the Little People

Joe mentioned that he wanted Elijah to make something for Johanna for Mother's Day and I, of course, said I would help out.  Since the whole bunch was coming over last Saturday I decided all the little people should make a gift for their mothers. I also decided that all the fathers should help with the creating.  Aunt Mandy, very kindly, offered to help as well.
Joe is missing from this photo but he was there...sitting right next to Elijah. But as soon as we were done, he was gone. Art and Joe have never been friends!

I found the idea for our art project on Pinterest.  Lucky me...I had all of the supplies on hand.  We used 8x10 canvas art boards, blue and green paint, assorted bright colored paper, glue sticks, glue dots and buttons.  The little people painted their canvas, cut and ripped there paper into circles and then assembled everything together....with a little bit of help from the big people.  Everyone had lots of fun!  I wish I'd taken photos during the process...but I was busy helping, and drinking all the yummy beverages my children picked up for me as a special Mom's Day treat.  (Diet Coke, Green Tea, and Caramel Frappe -yum!)

Here's Elijah's creation for his "Monnie".  He went out of his green guideline while he was he decided he needed a hill...the perfect solution!  We tried to encourage them to use one of each of the four colors for their flowers.  Elijah preferred his way to ours.

Penelope's "mommy" gets this beautiful piece of art.  Penelope was very precise with her painting...almost every brush stroke went from side to side.  She also was very opinionated about the direction leaves grow in!

Finally we have Charlotte's gift for her "momma".  She used a different color button on each flower...taking special care to match them to the flowers just so.

Caleb is too young to do much in the way of painting, cutting and gluing but he wanted a gift for his mother too.   So Mandy and I painted his sweet little hand with orange paint...he didn't even seem to mind...and then we stamped it on some art canvas.

Tada....a cute little tulip! I added "Happy Mother's 2012" across the top and printed CALEB in the middle of the tulip. Johanna loved it!

Working off a little energy after working so hard on their precious little gifts.
I'm happy to say that all the mothers loved them!!


Hopemore Studio said...

that was an awesome day! their finished pieces are darling. love how each one of the kids personalities come through in artwork. caleb is looking as handsome as ever, adore those big brown eyes.

Jo said...

Aww, I didn't get to see the other ones. All the kids did a great job! Thanks for providing the means for each of them to create something super special for his/her mother.

Peggy said...

What cute projects. Isn't it funny how they each have their own methods? God truly did make us each uniquely different! Looks like special memories were made crafting together!

Regina said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! I love that your whole family is so creative, and that the kids are learning how rewarding it is to create and experiment and spread the joy of handmade gifts.

P.S. - Happy Belated Mother's Day! I'm blessed to have you in my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, You are so blessed with these beautiful grands. Caleb is just adorable. What a fun day. Pj

Ann said...

What a great idea and that must have been so much fun. We were in Lowes on Saturday morning and they were having one of their workshops. There were a ton of little ones there creating mother's day gifts. It was so cute.

Katie said...

I got the description of the other kids', but didn't get to see them either. So funny how their pieces are so obviously them!!

Dorthe said...

Oh Marie, what a special bouquet of flowers from all your sweetest ones-
love the little hand tulip, :-)
You had a special day, my dear.
Hugs from,Dorthe

LDH said...

Beautiful and very special treasures created with love for their mother's! Each one is very pretty ~ a great idea in so many ways. Spending time together and made by each child. So sweet :)