Friday, May 11, 2012

Jar Swap

Several weeks ago I participated in a "jar swap" hosted by Michele at Something Special.  My swap partner was Oliva at Oliva's Creative Quest.  Here's a peek at the jars we made for each other.

This is the jar Oliva sent to me.  Look how pretty she decorated the lid.  I love the pink rose and the hatpin...and the colors are perfect for Spring time!

This sweet little bird is my favorite new has a beautiful tarnished silver look and the cutest little face.  More springy colors....purple ribbon and a purple yoyo. I see a hair bow or two in the future.  Charlotte and Penelope will love that!  The gold foil hearts will add just the right touch to a paper project I'm working on right now.

Oliva included so many bits and pieces that I can use as I create.  String, pretty pictures, buttons and more.  I love the little screw with the crystal end. 

More goodies to create with....pretty roses and sheet music. Love the butterfly she glittered up for me.  I think I have the "winning" ticket too!

Next to my precious little bird....the pink flower above is my favorite.  It's just a little thing...see it down by the birdy's feet.  It's so full and fluffy...I'm going to try and make some of these for sure.   Thank you Oliva....I loved it all!

Here's a peek at the jar I sent to her.  I decided to go with a neutral look....creamy vintage lace, with a little bit of bling.

I tucked in some of my favorite things....hoping they'd be Oliva's as well.  I'm very happy to say that she loves her little walnut pincushion!  I love the photo of the peek "inside" the jar.....I think it looks so neat with the lace showing through.  Love the pink chicks just needed a pop of color!

Thanks again to Michele at Something Special for hosting this fun swap!
It was great fun!!


Dorthe said...

Dear Marie,
your jar and lid is the most beautiful creation, I love your soft creamy colours and the sweetest walnut needle thing, what a cute piece.
Also you recieved a wonderful jar from your partner, all so lovely decorated- Lucky both of you!

Peggy said...

Who knew jars could be so pretty and hold so many sweet, simple treasures!
Looks like you both did good with your swap!

Hopemore Studio said...

Marie, that was a fantastic swap! I love the decorated jars, looks like you and Olivia were a great match.

Jo said...

They both look wonderful! Lots of thought put into each.

Ann said...

what a neat swap. I would say you both did really well.