Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Favorites #2

Summertime is slipping away. But that's okay...that just means Fall memories will be coming soon. I love that I see my grandchildren often enough to get regular, everyday kind of photographs of them. Sometimes they even ignore Gramma and her clicking camera and just get down to the business at hand.....or mouth, as the case may be. Precious memories to look back on and smile about. I think I'll spend my September Wednesdays going through my Summertime photos and sharing some of them here.
Charlotte and the Water Jar
I bought this jar with the intention of using it in the refridgerator, but Charlotte soon discovered it was way more fun outside.  It was fun to use it for filling cups and bowls....including the horse's drinking bowl. She named him "Gallop".  But the most fun was had making mud..."cause that's what dirt and water are for Gramma"!

 By the way...Charlotte is now a "Prima Ballerina". 
You can see her in action on her momma's blog!


Lorraine said...

Please tell Charlotte I think mud is so fun! One of my favorite childhood activities was making mud pies with my girlfriend :)

Katie said...

Hahaha!! Love the crazy hair!

Dorthe said...

She looks the sweetest little ballerina, and so lovely when playing
with the mud and grass :-)
Mine will visit us from sunday and all next week :-))

Ann said...

Love seeing little Charlotte. Such a cutie