Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Elijah & Oriole Park at Camden Yards

On September 28th this little guy plus his daddy, mommy, Aunt Mandy, grandpa and I spent an evening out under the stars.  It was Elijah's first major league baseball game!!  He sat down and just absorbed it all for a little bit.  Then the food came!  Chicken tenders and french fries!!

We sat in the upper deck between 3rd base and home plate....just under the roof.  Good thing too, 'cause it drizzled a little bit during the game.  He loved every minute of it....he loved eating, he loved looking, he loved the stickers and postcards that he received, and he really loved cheering!!  He's an Oriole fan for sure....and in honor of Elijah's first game, the Orioles WON!!  9 to 1!!!  Go Birds!!

It wasn't my first major league baseball game, but it was my first visit to Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  It is an awesome ballpark!!  Baseball is not my sport of choice (that would be hockey), but we had a great time.  I'd love to go long as Elijah and his enthusiasm for the game are there too!
Looking towards center field.

The fireworks following the game....probably Elijah's favorite part!!
"When Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened on April 6, 1992, a new era of Major League Baseball began. The park was brand new, but still old-fashioned. State-of-the-art, yet quaint. At less than a day old, it was already a classic.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards inspired a generation of ballpark construction. No longer would communities across America build multipurpose stadiums devoid of character, surrounded by vast parking lots. Ballparks would now be created to nestle neatly into existing and historic neighborhoods and play key roles in the revitalization of urban America.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards captured the nation's attention from day one and in the 20 seasons that followed, has served as the standard by which all new ballparks are measured. Citizens of Baltimore and all of Maryland, as well as Orioles fans throughout Birdland, should take great pride in the fact that our team makes its home in the ballpark that forever changed baseball."

Snatched this great family photo from Johanna's Facebook page.



Katherine Thomas said...

These are great shots! The one of Elijah and Daddy is SOOO precious! I was at the Reds playoff game last night and saw several little boys with dads, but none as cute as yours!

Ann said...

sounds like a great night. Baseball is the one sport that I actually understand what's going on all the

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Looks like such a fun time at the ballpark! You sure were up high! I'd get wobbly knees! ;) There is something so very special to be able to experience a ball game in person. The crowd, the food, the sounds...all of it. Totally fun! We are Giants fans and enjoy going to watch them play. Rootin' for your team as they play the Yanks.

Elijah is precious, Marie!