Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Caleb...a cute elf!

Back in November, Caleb came to visit me at the craft show.  He is the happiest little guy I know....and he has the best hair!

He got to model this very cute hat.  Price tag and all!  It looks awesome on him...don't you think!?  Sad to cover that beautiful hair though!
I think he has a bit of an elvish look here!  He'd be perfect as one of Santa's little helpers.

He knows the elves work very hard....never hurts to get in a little bit of exercise.  You need a lot of upper body strength to move around all those packages!
Oh Santa....I'm here if you need me!


Katherine Thomas said...

He looks so much like you!
These are awesome photos. Those expressions are precious!

Anonymous said...

Marie, I am so glad you bought that hat for him. I loved it but didn't have anyone young enough to purchase it for. He looks adorable in it. Pj

Ann said...

He makes a perfect little elf. That hat is adorable and it's even cuter with his face beneath it

My Vintage Life said...

He is so sweet and precious! Makes me miss when my own were small!