Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snapshots of Christmas

Some last looks at Christmas decorations in my house....tomorrow "the faces" of Christmas. 
Those will be sweeter than any decorations ever could be!!
gifts and thrift store purchases

fun books from a sweet (blogging) friend

a little pouch made from a sweater


a woodland elf...a gift to me from me

"Lucy & Me" teddies....I've had these for a very long time

my living room

a gift for Mandy is hiding under the Santa hat

thrift store favorite kind

my newest thrift store decor


an ornament from my very dear friend Patricia
thrift store find...$1.91!

this little trio was also $1.91

Ronny's 2012 ornament
look what Elijah made for me this year!
The reason for the season...we are so blessed to have a Savior!



Kaisievic said...

Your decorations are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Simply Shelley said...

We are very blessed indeed dear your pictures.

Ann said...

What nice decorations you have. I love the wire tree and the woodland elf is adorable. What a cute way to hide a gift with the santa hat too