Monday, May 6, 2013

Gettin' Fancy

Just received this email from my daughter Katie.
But first, a little background. We celebrated Charlotte's 5th birthday yesterday, but her special day is really May 14th. She's been talking about going to a "fancy restaurant" on her actual birthday for a while now. We couldn't figure out what "fancy" meant to her... until now.
The Email:

You can see her Tiana gown HERE.  I guess the rest of us need to start planning what we'll be wearing for our dinner at the "fancy restaurant"!
I just remembered something....this was Katie's restaurant choice following her high school graduation! 
Like mother, like daughter I guess!!


Barbara F. said...

oh my how adorable! Love that pretty pale green Tiana gown. xo

Katherine Thomas said...

We it's very shiny and novel, so I would call it fancy too! And her mommy always thought of it as a special place. I love diners!

Ann said...

Well I hope she enjoys her fancy birthday dinner :)