Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Perhaps A Little Blogging Break

I might be taking a little blogging break because my mom is coming to visit us for a week.  She arrives this afternoon!  If I have time I'll be sure to post about all the fun we're going to be having.  But if I don't....well, I'll be sure to share later.
This is image is a card that my daughter Mandy gave me.  She found it on Etsy.  I think it's so cute...I have it on display in my guest room.  That's where the REAL "best mom" will be staying!
 She's coming to meet this sweet girl...and to visit all the rest of us!
Lulu is her 11th great-grandchild...what a lucky baby she is!!

Photo from Katie's Instagram

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Simply Shelley said...

Enjoy your sweet mama dear friend...I know you are so excited,and everyone else is too,I bet :) That card is cute....its sure to make your mama smile....blessings