Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We've been doing a lot of work in our yard this year and I can't wait to get some of it done.
Because I want to plant some mushrooms!
Last Fall I started looking for glasses, vases and bowls on my trips to the thrift store.  I've been gathering them on the ledge in my family...periodically rearranging the pieces until they looked just right.  They were right next to Bill's seat...at first he was skeptical, but over the past few months they've grown on him.  He actually missed them when I moved them into the laundry room today.  I said sorry...but the laundry has better light for picture taking! 

They're such an easy bit of yard art...simply find two pieces of glass that, together, look like a mushroom...then just glue them together.  I used E-6000...and I found it at Michaels.  It's a good item to use a 40% off coupon on.
I was inspired by THIS PIN on Pinterest.  Don't they look great scattered amongst the grass and stones?  I can't wait to get some of these in the ground!

My favorites are the first from the left in the top photo,
and the second from the right in the bottom photo. 
I think.  I really love them all.
Do you have a favorite?


Trace4J said...

super cool idea.
love it.
Woolie hugs

Ann said...

What a clever idea those are. I think my favorite is the third from the left in the first picture

Scrap for Joy said...

These are so awesome Marie! I'm hoping to try these myself. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom!

Simply Shelley said...

I love those....I may have to fix a couple for my yard :) Blessings