Thursday, October 10, 2013

I've Been Making Stuff!

The Arts & Crafts Show is getting closer and closer, and I'm feeling more and more unprepared! 
But yesterday I did manage to put together a bunch of things!!
I am determined to create with things already in my home.  It was fun to pick things up and think " what should I do with this?"  Here's a look at four of the things I came up with.
A tiny silver mirror that I spruced up.

This old wooden bird needed a new look.

My favorite "make" of the day.  The regulator is glued into the little muffin pan.
It can hold a candle or some flowers.  This one will be hard to part with!

I have plenty of empty plastic (and glass) ornaments, little trees, and baker's twine lying about.
Those items were easily transformed into these!

I told Bill not to expect to see much of me for the next few weeks. I'll be hanging out in my craft room!  The other crafters, artists, and makers in the show will certainly being doing the same in their homes.  I've been posting about the craft show and the women involved in it over on another blog called "Oakdale Circle Studio presents".  I hope you get a chance to visit it.


Ann said...

Why do we crafters tend to wait so long to get started for things like
You've done good, everything looks great

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

And what lovely things you have created! Your items all have a beautiful vintage appeal that is just beautiful. I think a Christmas tree full of the ball ornaments with the tiny tree inside would be perfect.

Peggy said...

Looks like someone is having a great time crafting! I love the little muffin tin. So clever!

Anonymous said...

Marie, so glad you are creating again. These things look lovely. Looking forward to the show. You girls all do beautiful work. Pj

Scrap for Joy said...

It won't make you feel any better but I'm the same way! All summer I say I should be working on craft show stuff and then suddenly it's October and I feel so squeezed! Your things are beautiful! I love the tree ornaments and the muffin tin...keep going Marie!