Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Charlotte just lost her first tooth.
And is so excited that she could barely hold still for a picture.
She called Grandpa and I last week to share the exciting news...and when we saw her
on Saturday her first words were, "Gramma, look at my gap!"
She also told Aunt Mandy, and Aunt Mandy said:
"I love that she called me to share and announced herself with her full name
like I wouldn't know who she was."
Nanny Christine got to hear the exciting news too!
She said:
"She's too funny. This morning when she was showing me her tooth, she said "do you see
that thing that looks like a cauliflower crumb? That is actually my tooth."  
Charlotte was also very exciting because not only did she get a shiny gold coin,
she also got to keep the tooth!!

Photos are from Katie's Instagram again.


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Ann said...

This just made me smile. I love it. That note that Charlotte's mom wrote to the tooth fairy is cute and how sweet of the tooth fairy to oblige :)