Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bringing Home The Tree

Red cars & trucks with Christmas trees....they are so festive and fun!  I have several of them driving around my house right now.  Here's a peek at three.
This one is cruising along on the kitchen window sill.
Kind of looks like Santa (giant) is going to step right on it!!

This is my favorite one.  Those ornaments might be a tad too large for this tree!

I sure hope this car moves along slowly...that tree looks a little precarious!

Trucks and cars with trees are everywhere this year. 
Take a peek at Joyce's Pinterest board called "Trucks" ....she's pinned
some cute ones!


Ann said...

I love them all. The red truck and tree thing really caught on. You do see a lot of these but I like them all

Scrap for Joy said...

I admit it...I am obsessed with cars and trucks this year! They are so much fun!
You and Bill are doing a bang-up job of decorating this year! I guess I need to do some posting, too. We've been having lots of fun here as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree, love the trucks with trees. Thanks for mine. Pj

Peggy said...

It's funny how something so simple can be so cute and nostalgic! Makes me smile.

Sweet Annabelle said...

hahaha - I bought some of these tiny trees, thinking of you, and planned to make a winter scene in a jar. I think I've seen those that you've done, right? Anyway, I puzzled and puzzled over it and then put it all back in the bag to return. Yours look magical (like these little cars) while mine looked ... awkward!

You must have the magic touch!