Monday, December 23, 2013

Cookies and Stuff!

This is something new!  Everything that has to be done is done.  Decorations are in place, shopping complete, packages wrapped. Lots of cookies baked...thank you Bill!  There's still a few things I'd like to do...but if I don't get to them it won't really matter.

Bill and I can just sit back and relax. (We can eat cookies!!)  We can do nothing.  That'll be a real treat for Bill.  This first Christmas in the retirement part of his life is very different...he worked in retail for over 35 years. Relaxing never happened at Christmas time least not for him.

I work today, but then I'm off for three days.  I'm looking forward to listening to some Christmas music on the radio, Christmas movies on TV...oh, and did I mention cookies.  Oh my goodness...we have a lot of cookies!! I'm looking forward to eating them!!

It'll be nice to share some quiet moments before the family activities begin tomorrow. 
Unusual, but nice.  Rumor has it that the kitchen might still be busy though. There are at least a couple more types of cookies that Bill wants to make. Who knew that there was a baker trapped inside that retail sales manager for all these years!!

Enjoy your final preparations for your Christmas activites...
and don't forget to eat cookies!!!


I hope my daughter-in-law, Johanna, gets some sweet treats today too...'cause it's her birthday!!




Ann said...

Sounds like Bill has been enjoying himself in the kitchen. Tell him I could use a good assistant
Happy Birthday to your daughter in law and Merry Christmas to you and yours

Scrap for Joy said...

Wow, I'm so impressed, Bill! This is the first Christmas in our entire married life that David has been an active participant in the preparations. We will sit next to each other at church for the first time tomorrow night and the thought overwhelms me. I'm sure it will be strange for him to not be in the front of the church for the first time in 40 years but he has been enjoying not feeling the stress. He didn't bake but he did lots of other things and hung out with me. We are blessed to have wonderful spouses!
Enjoy your time alone and the time with your raucous, fun family! Wishing you all of the Blessings brought by the tiny child in the manger.

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter in law! How wonderful you and your honey can share some special time together. Enjoy those cookies!

Sweet Annabelle said...

I may have eaten too many cookies already ... :0)


Simply Shelley said...

Hope Christmas was just wonderful for all of you. Many blessings in the new year to you and yours dear friend.