Thursday, April 17, 2014

Road Trip

Bill, Mandy and I took a road trip yesterday. We headed up to York, PA for the day.
One of the places we stopped was "refindings". 
I've been here once before...but it was the first visit for them.

They were very excited....well Mandy was more excited than her Dad. 
But he's a fun guy and pretty easy to get along with! 
We didn't buy very much...I picked up a few things to
create with (more about them in a future post) and Mandy found a couple little plant
pots and an old tin measuring cup (I should have taken pictures).

Even though we didn't bring much home We still saw a lot of interesting things. 
I thought Bill might like to have these letters.  I was wrong.

Mandy has been looking for a new ceiling fixture for her living room. 
This was not what she was looking for.  I personally think it's kind of fun!

I also thought this wire laundry basket was fun, and I liked the spindles too. 
Hmmm...what could I make with those?

One of the rooms we visited had some really interesting things in it. 
How would you like to have this guy staring down at you?

Here's a unique piece of sculpture (?)....Bill can't take his eyes off of it!

Then there was this shoe. Quite the fashion statement! 
I was tempted. After all, my last name does start with the letter "E".

I tried talking Mandy into this ceiling fixture. 
It seemed kind of appropriate since Charlotte and Lulu will be
having a flamingo themed birthday party next month.
But the answer was no.

There were some beautiful pieces too. Like this large piece of stained glass.
My photo doesn't do it justice...the colors are amazing! 
It's large. Probably about eight feet tall.
It's a nice photo to finish with since it's Easter week.


Ann said...

Some very unique and interesting pieces there. That looks like a fun place to browse through. That shoe might have gone home with me so that I could pick off all those little pieces to use in different craft

Scrap for Joy said...

Sometimes it's enough just to SEE interesting and unique things without bringing them home. Does Bill go along on these trips because he enjoys the kind of browsing you do or to monitor you girls-LOL!
Looks like it was a fun day!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such interesting things you found on this fun road trip. John and I have traveled to York PA several times to visit the York County Historical Trust and the York County Archives as we did genealogy research for my dad's family. It is a lovely area.