Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ikea and a Ferris Wheel

More fun from Saturday....Lulu's first trip to Ikea!  Lulu, Katie, Mandy, Bill and I stopped at Ikea after a trip to see Joe's family (more about that tomorrow).  Katie found some pillows for a birthday party coming up this Saturday, Mandy found a couple new light fixtures for her condo, Bill and I picked up a shelf to use in the new playroom we're creating for the "littles", and Lulu took a nap!  It was nice of Ikea to have a pretty floral display available for our "naptime" background!

Of course we bought more than would easily fit in our vehicle.
While we waited for Bill to load up and tie down the trunk, Lulu and Aunt Mandy
admired the ferris wheel off in the distance.

Almost looks like she's anxious to give the ferris wheel a whirl!!

I wish I would have had the opportunity to hang around the carnival
taking pictures....so many great colors!  Maybe next time.
For now I was content with some quick shots of the ferris wheel. 
Thanks, Bill, for pulling over so I could get out and take a few!


Ann said...

Lulu looks so sweet napping in the cart.
I love carnivals and I wouldn't mind a ride on that ferris wheel

Scrap for Joy said...

I could never fall asleep in Ikea....too much stimulation there! Hahaha! I hate roller coasters but I love Ferris wheels...go figure! Your photos are awesome, as always!