Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Am A Maker!

Sometimes I like to just sit and look around at all the treasures and (potential) supplies I've gathered in my craft room. There's always so much to see!

Now, I need to stop all the looking and get back to making!!
By the way...I like the idea of making things (instead of crafting things).
For me, the word maker encompasses so much more of my life. 
I make stuff, I make my house a home, I make merry, I try to make my family happy,
sometimes I even make dinner!
I Am A Maker!
Maker is such a wonderful word, it can include so many things. Just think of the conversations that could take place when someone asks just four little words.
What do you make?


Ann said...

I like the way you think Marie, and you're right a maker sounds much better than a crafter.
Your supplies look so neat and organized.

Anonymous said...

You are a maker of lovely pieces. Everything you make has so much thought and love and designed especially for the person who will receive it. So delighted to have been on the receiving side of lovely gifts you made. What treasures! Pj

Katie said...

First, when exactly do you make dinner?!?

Second, crafter has had such a weird (and often negative) connotation tied to it as of late. Seems strange to me. But I like the term "maker". Anyone who can create something out of nothing, or repurpose something of of other things is an artist and maker. At least in my book.

Sandy McClay said...

I make things organized, I make my home pretty, I make my friends and family laugh, I make my dog happy, and oh....I make messes too! :)