Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Party Time!

Earlier this month we celebrated Caleb's you can't guess how old he is!  Those balloons stayed on the window for about three minutes!!
The party was at our house...we had a house full of littles!! Eleven to be exact. So many cute faces.  It was hard catching some of them "not in motion" least until the food was served!

Caleb and Charlotte sharing a seat at the picnic table I recently "picked" from a neighbor's trash!!

Mr. Elijah's new haircut has aged him...he looks at least 7 in this photo!!

Fletcher is reading some real estate literature.

Lulu was watching everything going on around her...all
the while hanging onto those balloon strings!

Penelope's expression seems to say, "Gramma, you sure do take a lot of pictures"!

Here are some extra littles...Caleb's party guests!
Fun times...memories made...and a happy birthday boy!
Mission accomplished!!

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Ann said...

The sweet little birthday boy looks like he had a good time.