Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I have a Christmas cupboard with lots of treasures tucked inside.  I've had some of the treasures for a long time, some are recent thrift store purchases, and a bunch fall somewhere in between.

I've had this Snoopy mug and bowl set for about 15 years....picked it up at a little shop somewhere in Wisconsin.  I think it's so cute!  Perfect for milk and cookies for Santa too!

Take a peek at what these things are selling for on Ebay these days.  Sure hope Santa doesn't drop anything!!   


Ann said...

My daughter is a big Snoopy fan and she would love these. After seeing the prices on Ebay I'm afraid she'll have to admire them from afar

Simply Shelley said...

Going over to check the price. Sure you don't want to put it under lock and key ;) Blessings my friend

Simply Shelley said...

WOW, on second thought maybe you should be them under lock and key....don't know if I would trust old Nick....he may be an ebay fan....haha

Heather Wise said...

Awwwww! I love Snoopy! I agree! Lock them up so Santa's big sack doesn't knock them over! Oh, dear!