Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Trip To Bass Pro

Last Sunday afternoon Joe's family and I took a trip to visit Santa. 
The plan was to see him at Bass Pro....but the line to see him was a two hour wait!  
Luckily Santa also had a line in the mall with a wait of about 30 minutes!  
Not sure how Santa manages all these multiple lines, but we were grateful for the shorter one!

Caleb amused himself with his mommy's phone...he loves to explore Google Earth!

Sweet Elijah loves showing off the gap in his mouth!

Caleb was not interested in sitting with Santa unless his dad joined up. Shortly before this photo, Caleb's head made contact with Santa's that moment there wasn't a whole lot of "jolly" going on!!

Elijah and Caleb tried out the various sizes of ATVs.  Elijah had to wait his turn for the big one because a little girl was riding it, so he jumped on the middle size one.  The other ones were all still in boxes...but that didn't stop Caleb!  He climbed aboard the Camo ATV, tucked in his feet...and was ready to go!  When the big one ATV became available Elijah got his turn on it...and Caleb got to try an unboxed version.  It was so funny to watch them!

The train was a hit.  I wish it hadn't been so expensive...I would have loved to buy them one!  Caleb really enjoyed it!!

Such a cute family!!
Thank you Bass Pro for all wonderful photo ops!!

Since it Throwback Thursday I thought I'd include this photo.
The same cute family...2 1/2 years ago!!


Ann Thompson said...

Sounds like the Bass Pro Santa was a popular guy with that long of a wait.

Libbie Doyle said...

I love watching these 2 grow up :) I fell like I know them :)

I learned a few years ago to visit santa in November the day after Thanksgiving and then there is no one in line....the year before...1.5 hour wait... never again :)