Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lazy Day

Yesterday was my day off....I went to the thrift store and Target. I did a little laundry, watched a little news, took a nap, and was otherwise basically unproductive.  It was a lazy kind of day!

Now I feel a little guilty, having let the day get away from me.
So I thought I'd at least take some photos of my thrift store purchases and share them on my blog.

99 cents worth of buttons...there are some pretty glass ones mixed in.

A small quilt...hand quilted...perfect for a picnic for some little girls I know.

Curtain can make so many things out of curtain rings.  Like SHEEP!

LOVE the tablecloth I sister made the angel, lots of years ago.

Hall Bros. truck....made by Hallmark. I think it was meant for displaying Christmas cards. 

I think it will be perfect for hauling Christmas trees!

My favorite old Brownie camera.  it will join two other vintage cameras on Bill's bookshelves.

Thrift stores are fun!!

It was such a lazy day, that I didn't even use my camera to 
take photos...I just used my phone!


Barbara Eads said...

Your buys alone make it a productive day! What fun!

Ann Thompson said...

That sounds like a perfect day to me. Great price on those buttons. I've seen lots of them in the thrift stores but never that cheap. Love that truck too and I was thinking Christmas trees in the back too

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Great, great finds, Marie!! I'd say it was a productive day!

Naps are so good....

Createology said...

I am checking in to see January Banners for ASFAS. Love your thrift store finds. You must have a wonderful affordable store. Ours are uber expensive. Creative Bliss...