Monday, February 2, 2015

Have A Heart

I've been so uninspired about decorations in my home this year.  I thought that looking through my photo files and Pinterest boards might put me in the decorating mood.  It hasn't yet!

I did find this photo. This is the little display I put on my dining room table last year.  I think I might do something similar this year.  Or maybe I'll decorate a little heart tree.
How cute are these!?



I need to get busy decorating before Valentine's Day gets here! 


Ann said...

I like the display you had on your table last year. The heart trees are great too. My favorite of those is the last one with the pine branches

Anonymous said...

Marie, I did a heart tree each February when I was teaching. Had the children decorate hearts an attach to the branches. It was adorable and they loved it. You could do this with your grandchildren. Pj

Simply Shelley said...

I've purchased the red yarn to crochet hearts, but I've not done one yet, nor have I decorated one bit for Valentines. It is one of my favorite holidays too. Maybe we both need a wee bite from the love bug :) ♡