Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nationwide is on Their Side!

I work for Nationwide Insurance...well, technically I work for an agent who works with Nationwide.
But bottom line is, I have an connection to the company.  
So I also have a connection (however remote) to THAT commercial.  
You know the one I'm talking about!!
(if you don't, you might want to visit THAT link before continuing)

Last week, we were able to preview the Nationwide commercials that aired during the Super Bowl.  We also saw a longer, slightly less "in your face" version of the "The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up" commercial.  I'm not sure when that will be aired.

When I saw the commercial with the little boy my initial thought was "I really don't like's so sad and depressing".   I also thought that it was a commercial that people would react to...and that, more than likely, the reaction would be pretty negative.  That certainly proved accurate!

I watched the ad during the Super Bowl, and several more times since then.  My initial impression is changing.  It IS sad and depressing.  But, it's also thought provoking...and informative...and true.  It has definitely started a conversation.  
Was it the best venue for it?  I don't know.  I'm not sure.
Lots of folks seem to think it wasn't.  According to things I've was "too sad" for the Super Bowl..."such a downer"..."morbid and depressing"...etc, etc, etc!  

But the audience was HUGE!  Lots of people were reached by this ad.  Could it have been a little less depressing?  Maybe. But childhood accidents, whether resulting in death or injury, happen. They happen a lot...and yes, that's depressing...and sad...and painful.
If we can do anything to prevent even one of them from happening we should.  
I'm still not a huge fan of it, but I do like that the Nationwide commercial started a conversation.  I think once we get past talking about the commercial itself,  we can steer the conversation to talking about preventing childhood accidents.  
I visited the MAKE SAFE HAPPEN website.  
There's a lot of good information on it. A lot.
About safety...not about insurance.
Children and safety....the more you know, the better!
 I care about my precious grandbabies!!
I think Nationwide does too!



Ann said...

I didn't see the commercial but I can still say that no matter what the content you're always going to have people who will find fault with it.
There was also a commercial about domestic violence. I'm sure people found that too sad or depressing for the super bowl as well but the sad truth is that while that super bowl was being played in other households there was more than likely women or even men becoming the victims of domestic violence

Anonymous said...

Well said Marie. Pj