Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Day With Friends

It's always a treat to spend a day with friends...and that's just what I got to do a couple weeks ago. Patricia and I headed up to Pennsylvania to spend the day with Tisha.  They took me out to lunch for my birthday.  We did a little shopping as well...stopping at a few antique shops and also Brown's Orchards and Farm Market.  The weather was amazing...and the fellowship with my dear friends was as wonderful as always!!  Plus I got some presents too!

I just had to take a picture of this "bossy" sign that we saw on the way to Pennsylvania.

One of the cute little shops we visited.

I love this pretty scene...there's something about red and green. It's my favorite two color combo!

My friends....Patricia and Tisha.

This photo (all were taken with my phone) doesn't do this scene justice. 

Tisha and Patricia were very intrigued by the Honey Bees at Brown's.

I was happy to stand back and just snap a few photos.

Patricia has started her own bee hive at her home. She's hoping for honey next year.

Isn't this a sweet little statue?!

Brown's had some beautiful window boxes on display.  This one was my favorite.

But this one....

...and this one were very pretty too!
It was a really, really nice day! 
Here's one of presents...this braided mat is from Tisha. I love the colors!
She also got me a really wonderful red, metal box, and some other little treasures!

Patricia gave me presents too...including this awesome old typewriter!
Such a fuzzy phone photo!  

Spending time with these two women is one of my very favorite things to do!!  
(I'd say that even if no presents were involved!!)

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Ann Thompson said...

oh what fun. Sounds like you had a great time. I have a braided mat almost identical to that one