Sunday, July 12, 2015


I'm not sure how I managed to keep up with this blog for over eight 
years....and then just kind of "fizzled" out on it.
It's always been my intention to keep posting, not so much because I think many people stop by to visit and read, but more to keep a record of some of the things happening in my life.
I'd love to someday have my blog printed into books...lots of places do that.  I know my grandchildren would enjoy seeing themselves on the pages of a "good book"!
So I think I need to motivate, and get back into this bloggy business!  It's such a good place to share fun photos. I mean someday I may want to look back and be reminded that a cement duck (and some colorful beads) lived in my backyard!


Ann said...

I have to say that it's easy to fizzle out and the longer you stay away the easier it is to stay away. I've had to really push myself sometimes and only because I know I want to keep doing it. I look at it as a personal challenge rather than an obligation to blog.
I always enjoy seeing what you post whether it's your grandchildren or something you made. So as long as you post I'll stop by to read

Regina said...

I agree with Ann! It's so easy to fizzle, and then to stay fizzled. I started blogging be sure I had thoughts in my head and my heart that I wanted to write down. Now I'll scroll back and read those posts like entries in a journal. (Sometimes something I wrote years ago will be the exact thing I needed to hear today too. Funny how that works out sometimes.) but also like Ann, I love seeing your posts, pictures, and memories. Thank you for sharing them with us... and saving them for yourself too.