Thursday, September 17, 2015

Michigan Part Three

The food and the shopping were definitely a high point of our trip to Michigan in August...but it truly was all about the people.  Family to be exact!




From my Mom to the youngest great-grandchild we number forty-five!  Thirty two of us were together on the Saturday we were there...including nine of her great grandchildren.  Not bad for a trip that wasn't planned months in advance!



Just sitting around and visiting was such fun.  But the very best time was had by six of the great-grandchildren (and my brother, my daughter, and me)!  My brother John does the best stuff with his grandchildren!!  While we were visiting he took them on an adventure...a treasure hunt to be exact. Lucky Charlotte got to join in!  So did Katie and I...I'm not sure who was the most excited!!

She can't take her eyes off the map!

The adventure begins...

She was SO excited!

The first X.

Vincent found an X.

This adventure was hard work.

Digging for treasure.

X marks the spot!

The lot next to Papa's house was just made for adventures!

Sebastian carefully filled up the hole.

MacKenzie is wondering exactly what treasure is hiding in those bags they dug up.

The adventure has ended.

Our treasure seekers were victorious!!

Passing out the bounty.

Squirt guns for everyone!!!

This adventure involved a map, shovels, multiple Xs, and the aforementioned treasure.  The participants, besides those already mentioned, included Bella, the adventure guide; Sebastian, the designated digger; and Abigail, McKenzie and Vincent who, like Charlotte, were treasure seekers!

This group had a blast following the map, finding the "X", and then digging up the treasure....and what a treasure it was!  Squirt guns for all!  Including Lulu and Noah too!  Papa John is the best!!




Before the family gathering ended we managed to get some fun photos of my Mom and those great-grandchildren wasn't easy, but it was fun! 

My mom with nine of her fourteen great grandchildren.

Sweet treats!

A photo of the photographers...Ha!

We love you GGma!


Oliva Ohlson said...

FUN!!! Unplanned trips are the best!!! Your family sure had a great time!!! TFS

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I am really late getting by to visit but so happy I did to see and enjoy this wonder family time together! I had fun viewing each photo and imagining the wonderful memories you all created!