Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Gallery Wall

A bit more progress has been made in my's almost done!  (read other posts about it HERE, HERE, and HEREI decided to make floral paintings the focus in this room...particularly the four paintings (three shown here and one in this post) that I found at thrift stores during the past few years. Actually, everything hanging in this room was discovered at one thrift store or another.

Including this escutcheon plate that I used as part of my towel holder.  It, along with a scrap of wood and a peg, easily transformed into a great place to hang a hand towel

One of the last things that has to be done involves the wall cabinet.  I really don't like the shutter look.  We're going to cut a piece of paneling to fit over the slats. It'll be painted with black chalkboard paint....I think the first message on it will be "Rise & Shine"!

A floral print, an old round mirror, and a Syroco golden roses wall hanging complete the gallery.  I really love the diamond shaped Syroco piece, and I'm pleased that I finally found the perfect spot for it.  The mirror is one of my favorite finds....and it only cost $1.98!!

See the wall reflected in the mirror? 
That's the other area that needs a bit more work.  Soon.....


Ann said...

It looks great. You really have a knack for decorating. I think maybe you should have your own show on HGTV. You are just as good if not better than some of those designers I've watched.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous! Twyla

Peggy said...

Don't you love the feeling when things start coming together? I love everything about that wall, and the idea for chalkboard door is brilliant!

Scrap for Joy said...

I have been slacking off in the commenting. You have done a lovely transformation in this's like being in a garden! The floral pictures you have found look wonderful in this grouping. Your idea for the shutter will blend in well. You are magazine worthy!!