Monday, May 11, 2015

The Big "Littles"

Yesterday I shared a photo of my family...all fifteen of us!  
We took it about two weeks before Kevin and his family moved to Texas.  
This week I'll be sharing some other photos we took the same day.  
All I can say is "what a bunch we are"!!

The Big "Littles"!  I LOVE photos of these three together. 
Cousins and the best buddies.  Close in age and closer in friendship.
Elijah was born in January of 2008, Charlotte in May of 2008, 
and Penelope in March of 2009.  
I wondered when grandchildren would come, and then to have three 
within 14 months was amazing!

I'm going to make it a priority to ask them to pose together every opportunity 
we have.  And I know they're going to want to do it...look how happy they are 
to be together!!  It'll be a little difficult now...but I can hope!

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Ann said...

They are a cute group and they work well together :)