Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodies in the Mail!

I received my "Artsy Autumn Swap" package in the mail today! Thanks to Amy for so many great goodies! I love the little candle holder and the candles. The colors are so vibrant and pretty. Not only autumn colors ~ but also the colors I decorate my living room with! Perfect touch for that room.

I also love the dishtowels ~ I don't have any autumn themed towels so these were really a nice surprise. The apron she made is so nice....little's my first apron!
She included some beautiful patterned paper, stickers, a notepad, an oven mitt, a cookie cutter, candy corn (I love it!), silk leaves and little pumpkins to scatter about.

Amy also thought of my grandbabies and included a DVD devotional for them!

I also received this sweet little hankie ~ isn't it pretty!
Thanks so much for everything you sent to me. I really love it all.

My first swap was so much fun ~ I can't wait to participate in another one!

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Amy said...

yay ... I'm glad you got it. I got that package of leaves at the dollor store - and when I opened them to throw in the top of the box they smelled like a dirty diaper. I febreezed them and let the air out for several hours; so I'm hoping that your goodies didn't smell bad :)