Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love These Two!

I'm not sure what Elijah's doing to Charlotte, but it's obvious by the second photo that he's quite proud of himself!


Shelley said...

Hi Marie, more cute photos. Could never get enough of those darlings. I read the post of your precious firstborn. So sweet,but so sad. I am very sorry for your loss,even though it was many years ago,I know your heart still aches.
I almost lost my firstborn. It was a very scary time for me,and I was very young. Only 15 yrs old! One day you will hold him again. My brother lost one of his babies at four months. It was so hard on him,as I am sure it is on every parent that loses such a precious little one.
Blessings, Shelley

Amy said...

They are so cute! My sister and I were pregnant together and ours were born 3 weeks apart. Their 9 now.