Saturday, September 13, 2008

Made By Me

I don't have much time to be creative these days...too busy working full-time and playing with those grandbabies!! But, I was going through some photo files on my lap-top today and I found some pictures of teddies I dressed and accessorized for a home craft show a few years ago. I wish I'd have been better about taking pictures of things I made. I must have dressed hundreds of teddies during the eight years I had my gift shop...not to mention the ones I've made the past few years for shows. I love dressing up teddies of all sizes.
Some of my favorites were these teddies in chairs. Full size, people chairs that I found at an auction for $1.00 each!! The teddies are attached to the chairs along with flowers, doilies, tea cups, dolls and ornaments. They each had twinkle lights woven thorough the garland and they looked so sweet when they were lit. I made six and sold all but one ~ it lives at my house now!

I also really enjoyed making these little "themed" teddies. They were great gifts for teachers, moms and grandmas. The best sellers were the little teddies with telephones...they held signs that said ~ "Need a hug? Dial 1-800-grandma". Teddies with apples and teapots & cups were popular too. I still have quite a few little naked teddies in my craft room. I might have to find some time to dress them!


bee'nme said...

Oh Marie, how positively adorable!! I never get tired of bears...and yours are fabulous!! Such sweet faces and cute outfits/vignettes. LOVE 'em!

I'm so glad you've been coming by...I love your blog and I would love to add it to my blog list if thats OK...?

Thank you SO MUCH for your concern and prayers for all of us in the wake of the hurricane. There is a LOT of mess everywhere, but it looks as though the casualties will be minimal..PTL!

Can't wait to visit with you more...take care and have a great weekend!

Hugs and Blessings,
Becky S.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Marie, those are wonderful! I've never seen anything like this...what delightful creations.

So glad that I popped in to thank you for visiting me earlier this week and for leaving a comment. I appreciate everyone who stops by and I hope that you'll visit again some fine day.

Viola said...

Your bears are so wonderful, Marie! Love them all!!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Marie~
What a sweet furry family you have! I just love the crocheted collars and the little chairs...yes, there is a lot of similairities between us!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How darling! Even though life can be so busy, when God puts that create spark in us, we just have to find a way to express it, don't we?