Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Monday Memories

I remember a particular Christmas back in the sixties....or at least I remember my mom telling me about it!

My father was kind of difficult to buy gifts for ~ I guess we could say that about most men, couldn't we! Most years his packages ended up being shapes he could identify. Like clothing or maybe something heavy that contained the "surprise" power tool. However, this year there was a small, light weight package for him under the tree. I don't remember how soon before Christmas it went under the tree. It may have been a week before or just early in the day on Christmas Eve. I do remember that however long it was under the tree was how long it was making my dad crazy ~ because he couldn't figure out what it was! The shape wasn't a clue, it didn't rattle when he shook it and it certainly wasn't anything he asked for.

My mom was pretty happy about coming up with a gift for him that would actually be a surprise come Christmas morning. But that happiness was just not meant to be.

"Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring.....except for my dad. The children (and my mom) were nestled, all snug in their beds.... until the soft sound of music caused my mom to spring from her bed to see what was going on. Away to the living room she flew like a flash....and what to her wondering eyes should appear, but my dad listening to his new transistor radio while enjoying a cold beer! OK ~ I know he liked beer...but I'm not sure he was drinking one that night...but it rhymed!!

My dad could not stand the suspense ~ and opened the package up after we had all gone to bed. He wasn't content with just knowing what he was. He could have just wrapped it back up and gone back to bed. Maybe no one would have suspected ~ although that would have depended on the re-wrapping job. But, no - he had to actually turn the radio on thus waking up the giftgiver! Definitely not a good plan. I'm sure my mom was very tempted to take that little radio right back to where it came from!

So, another Christmas went by without my dad receiving a surprise gift. I think we did end up surprising him one time....with a recliner no less! We kept it hidden under a blanket in my brothers' bedroom. Go figure - Dad never saw the hidden recliner - but snooped until he discovered the little, bitty radio tucked under the tree!

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