Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grandbabies and a Beautiful Day!

Last Saturday was a beautiful day ~ we were glad because we had made plans to meet Joe, Johanna and Elijah at an oudoor mall near their home. We planned to stroll around, visit and eat. Joe and Johanna chose Red Brick Station for lunch. We ate outside.

As soon as we arrived we saw our favorite little red-head! We live about 45 minutes away from them - just enough time to make it a bit difficult to visit as often as we'd like to. I love seeing how much Elijah's learned in between our visits. He's such a smart boy!!

Unlike Joe and Johanna the rest of us had never been to Red Brick Station. Here's Katie studying the menu.....what to have??

She decided on Fish n' Chips ~ the portions are HUGE!! There were leftovers!

Mark and Bill's Dad enjoyed sharing a beer sampler...

Elijah enjoyed a little snooze....

Charlotte enjoyed the sun-shiney day...

We all enjoyed each other's company.

It was a beautiful day!

Some of us got Starbucks after we visited a couple stores.

Then we said our good-byes to Joe, Johanna & Elijah ~ we decided this had been a nice way to spend an afternoon ~ and we'd have to do it again when Kevin and Jacqi could join us too.

Off we go into the sunset after a very lovely day!


our shabby cottage said...

What a wonderful day spent together!

Scrap for Joy said...

What a perfect Saturday afternoon! How lucky you are to be so close to Elijah & Charlotte. They are beautiful babies...Charlotte has the face of an angel! The fish & chips look pretty yummy! So-when are we going to see a picture of Marie????? Everyone else but you!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I can read the joy in your post. Love the photo of Elijah resting.