Friday, January 23, 2009

A Whole Lot of Photos!!

Okay ~ I may have gotten a little carried away with posting Walt Disney World photos!
There are 37 of them ~ so proceed at your own risk.

At the airport in Maryland .

The airport in Orlando had this great wall mural of giraffes ~ or as we say in Swahili ~ Twigas!

Charlotte ~ ready for the Florida sunshine.

Meeting the Mouse himself!

Everyone needs their 1st trip button and a fabulous hat to wear it on!

Momma, Daddy & Baby on the first chilly Florida evening.

Resting up for the first day at The Magic Kingdom ~ don't you love the sparkly shoes!!

Aunt Mandy, Momma & Charlotte enjoying a breezy afternoon.

I love the displays in Disney World ~ this is a window display in the "United Kingdom".

Mandy was very tempted by some children's gift ideas, here she is making a purchase in the "United Kingdom" ~ looks like she's still being tempted by something across the room.

Here's what caught her eye ~ Charlie and Lola merchandise ~ she bought Charlotte a book here.

One more stop in the "United Kingdom" for Fish & Chips ~ actually we came back once more. Bill LOVES these Fish & Chips!!

I did a good bit of shopping in "Japan".

Charlotte liked the hats in the "United States"

My favorite dessert ~ it was delicious!!!

One of my favorite pictures - Charlotte holding on to the bus pole with Gramma.

Another fun display.

And another!

How about one more! These were all taken in the Christmas Shop in Downtown Disney.

Bill likes coffee cups ~ here he is deciding if we need another one.

I LOVE this photo ~ it makes me smile!

Here's a photo taken while crossing a bridge into "Asia".

These flags were so colorful...they were in 'Africa" ~ I think.

Jumbo Twiga!

Grampa and Charlotte napping while Mark, Katie & Mandy rode the Dinosaur ride.

You might be thinking "why?"
Because we could......

Charlotte loved the merry-go-round....well she loved the pole at least!

Another sweet display at Tinker Bell's Shop.

Charlotte got to ring the bell to call Tinker Bell ~ she received a certificate for doing that. She looks pretty impressed (well maybe skeptical is a better word) by the whole thing ~ don't you think!

Here we all are after our character meal ~ with Winnie the Pooh and friends. This was a lot of fun and the food was wonderful!

"Wishes" ~ the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Not bad for a little point and shoot camera.

Charlotte in one of her tutus ~ this was her special outfit for her last day at Disney World.

Aren't these balloons fun!!

Katie and Mandy designed sweatshirts for us to wear ~ there's little red balloons on the front with our names in them.

Charlotte & her daddy in Minnie's house.

Grampa, Charlotte & Gramma posing with the toys. See the little red balloon on the front of my sweatshirt. My daughters are so talented!

Mickey and Minnie hanging out! I love to see the shelves early in the day. They're neat and tidy and they're displayed just so. Then along comes all the children (big and small) and they touch and hug and love everything in sight. But that's what it's all there for isn't it? One of my favorite things about Walt Disney World is that they don't mind you playing with the merchandise a little bit....even if you're not going to buy it. That's why you can get fun "hat" pictures and strollers full of stuffed toys. I miss the "happiest place on earth" already!

We had a marvelous time ~ what a blessing it was to be able to go ~ I can't wait until we can do it again with our other grandbabies (and their parents too!)

If you got this far ~ thanks so much for sharing in my fun!


CozyCoops Corner said...

I loved looking at all your pictures! Looks like you all had a very fun time and made some wonderful memories! Sure does make me want to go back to Disney again sometime soon!Have a great weekend !
Janae :-)

Carol said...

Your pictures were great! I can tell your family had a terrific trip! You'll enjoy the memories forever!

Regina said...

What a treasure trove! The picture of your hands on the bus pole is precious. And may I just say that you have a very photogenic family?

Be blessed Marie. I hope your weekend is off to a good start. Good luck with the Christmas trees!

Jo said...

I love the picture of you, Bill and Charlotte in front of the Mickeys and Minnies.

Katie said...

I'm going through my photos now. All told it'll probably take 45 minutes to get them all on the computer.

Shelley said...

Hi Marie,thanks so much for sharing your fun trip with us. I would love to go there some time. Looks like a wonderful place to visit with grandchildren and children. I have a question,are your girls twins? If not,they look so very much a like! They did a great job on those sweatshirts.
Thanks so much for remembering me in your prayers.........


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my, I can't decide which looked more delicious that strawberry dessert or those babies smiles ... definately the babies but the dessert was a close second!

Love all those memories,