Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who Wants 'Em?

I have stacks of magazines around the house. I subscribe to some, buy some at bookstores, pick up others at the thrift store and get them for free from friends. I spent a few hours going through a few of the stacks this afternoon, separating them into piles. Keep, Donate, Toss and Giveaway! Here are three copies of Romantic Homes ~ Nov & Dec 2008 and Feb 2009. I'd like to mail this off to the first person who comments here. They are complete ~ no pages missing. I'm limiting this to the continental U.S. because of postage.
First Comment Gets the Magazines!


Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Marie...I'd love to see those magazines. I moved into a brand new home just over a year ago...and I'm still playing with decorating it...and never get tired of looking at how someone else did it. Thank you much!
Blessings, Susie

Scrap for Joy said...

What a great idea Marie. I, too, have many beautiful magazines that I'm finished with but I hate to toss them. Maybe I'll borrow your idea. Hope you're well!