Thursday, April 30, 2009

25% off Thursdays

The Value Village thrift store in my area offers 25% off everything in the store on Thursday. You get a little discount card ~ and swipe ~ 25% off! I wasn't aware of this until a couple months ago ~ I got my card and I've used it three times already. I went tonight and had a great time ~ buying "stuff". That's what Bill calls it ~ "just what we need, more stuff!"
I found this really pretty vinyl coated tote bag. It's going to be another one of my re-usable shopping bags ~ "Paper or plastic?" ~ "Neither thanks, I brought my own."
I also found this sweet little outfit for Penelope. It's pink & white seersucker ~ with lace, smocking and little crocheted strawberries & flowers. It was $2.95 BEFORE the discount and it still has the tags on it. She's going to look so good in it!

I love these two pictures ~ check out the prices on them! Now subtract 25%!!

I got this old hymn book, little lamb planter and a neat wooden pedestal. I'm going to paint the pedestal black and put some kind of display on it.

One of my favorite finds was this cute squirrel ~ she's sitting in a wooden mini trencher bowl. Another little something that I want to paint. I have some apple scented candles that I want to put in it. I'm hoping to get the painting done this weekend.

I also found a great handbag, a couple old mason jars, a juice glass with cherries on it, some old silver knives and a couple silver sugar spoons. It was a good trip! I found just what we needed ~ MORE STUFF!



The stuff you got is super cute!
Is that the Value Village on Ritchie Hwy near me?! I never knew they had 25% of Thursdays. I will have to make a trip there soon :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Of course you needed more "stuff"! And pretty stuff it is!
Wish we had a thrift store like that here!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a wonderful store! You found yourself some real bargins. I love the little squirrel. :D


Shelley said...

Hi Marie,love all your neat stuff...these are some great finds,indeed....I would love to go shopping at that thrift store with you....great fun.....
Praying your Lord'd Day is a blessed one.....Shelley

our shabby cottage said...

Wow, what bargains Marie! I love the little outfit you have bought for Penelope - too cute!