Thursday, July 16, 2009

Furniture ~ Painted Black

We bought this hutch about fifteen years ago and I love it!
I found the small 12-drawer chest (next to the wooden bowl) at an antique mall a few years later. The wood finishes are a perfect match!
I love the warm reddish wood tones a lot. BUT....for the past few months I've been thinking about making a change. I've been looking at a lot of black furniture pieces. Some new and some old things that have been given a new black look. But for me ~ well it's hard to imagine taking a paint brush to a piece of furniture this big.
What if I mess it up? What if I don't like it?
I really need visuals before attempting something like painting this...

Oh my goodness ~ did I ever get a visual!! I was visiting Rhoda at Southern Hospitality the other day and read about an antique mall that she visited. She shared a bunch of photos of all the goodies she saw there. The photo up above was one of those goodies! It's just like mine ~ almost. Mine has 4 doors & drawers and mine doesn't have the nice molding around the top edge, but close enough...don't you think? I think my hutch would look wonderful painted black!

I'm not sure what Bill will think ~ but at least I have a visual!!
Thanks for sharing Rhoda!!


chandeliers said...

It looks great!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hi Marie! Just had to stop by and tell you that I think of often. I walk past my darling doll and remember your friendship. Life is bustling around here, and I'm not in blogland often.

I think black is perfect! I would do it in a heartbeat!


Barb said...

I have one similar to yours. It is 1919 and has a matching table and 6 chairs.
I have wanted them white for some time, but not brave enough.
Liking black now too, so that would be good, and easier than white.
But I am like you, how would it turn out?
My friend just used cans of white spray paint on all her big bedroom furniture. It turned out great, but she did have to buy stock in the spray can company. =0))

I think a big sprayer would be the best.
It is hard to paint in the nooks and crannies.

All that to say, I hope if you decide to do it, I'm sure it will turn out great!!.

Be sure to show us if you do!
(like i need to say that!).
Barbara Jean

Raggedy Angel said...

Go for it will be so glad you it now!!!! I will be looking for the after pics! Beth

Char said...

Oh, I LOVE THAT PIECE OF FURNITURE!...I would definately be painting it!...But, I just don't like wood..unless it is OLD aged wood!, that is just me!

I think you would love that in black!...if you need any help with how-to...just email is really an easy project!...and I don't think you will mess it up either!

Jo said...

Don't do it!! I have no reason right now... actually I do. I think it would make the room darker and it would look weird, especially with the wood table and benches. Plus I think the real wood finish looks prettier. JMO. :-)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said... you have to. After that miracle your hubby pulled off in your laundry room, he can surely paint your hutch black.: )
The bathing beauties below, are priceless. LOVED the last one of little miss P. Needs to entered in a contest.
I also got a kick out of reading your memories of the Bob-Lo Cruises. I've never heard of it or the amusement park before, but sounds like one of those magical memories we all cherish from teen-age days. Please DO find the pic of the hawaiian shirt and POST! : )

adsgram said...

WOW! I cannot believe it. My hutch is almost identical to yours! So big and just gorgeous! I love painted furniture, but I also love my hutch SO much as is that I just can't bring myself to paint it! However, if you want to do yours, I am sure it will look fabulous...go for it and Enjoy it!


His Honeybee said...

I love the natural wood!
Don't paint it!!!
My hubby bought me one that is white that I am planning to antique.

Here goes my life said...

HI Marie,I came across your blog as I was reading Char's.I am now a follower.I think your cupboard would look great black.:0)Sherri