Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a Great Day!

Let's see.....the snow started last Friday, stopped and started again on Wednesday. I'm not even sure how many inches we got - somewhere between 30 & 40 inches!! Bill was snowed in at work or working extra shifts for much of the past week....Mandy has been at Katie's since Tuesday. That leaves me and my 92 year old father-in-law....guess who shoveled! My arms feel like rubber, my neck aches and the affects of the cortisone injection in my knee are pretty much gone. Mandy's 4 wheel drive Jeep broke down on Monday and again yesterday. It didn't get was a battery/computer problem. Thankfully, we'll get it back tonight! Bill's dad's car won't start....maybe it's the battery...we're not sure and can't get it moved right now to check. It's stuck between two snow mountains about 4 feet tall. BUT all is good! The internet and cable TV that has out since Friday, Feb. 5th is back! Woo Hoo!!!

My cable company had an all day appointment available today - sometime betweeen 8am and 7pm. I already had an appointment scheduled for Monday morning between 8am & 1pm....but I took today off from work because the thought of another weekend of Bill's dad missing his TV shows was more than I could bear. The "cable guy" arrived at 3:55pm and was gone by 4:15pm ~ that's how quickly he got it repaired!! Dad has been sitting in front of the TV for the past hour just flipping stations...he said there's so much to choose from! He can't decide what to watch! But come 7pm his favorites, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, will be on the screen!

Anway, it's good to have access to the internet again and I just wanted to say hi. I took lots of photos this week and I'll be posting them soon. Plus I can't wait to see what's been going on in the land of Blog....I'll be visiting soon!

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kathy said...

Marie , so glad you are back up to speed -- we had snow here in the SOuth ! _ YIKes --
a rather iffy weekend ahead as -- everyone slides and slips here -- lots of wrecks --
no one is ever prepared lol - Kathy - ga ♥