Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Monday Memories

This is a photo from a scrapbook that my Mom made for me several years ago. She actually made four identical albums. One for me and one for each of my siblings. John, Emily and I are pictured in this photo ~ given our ages I'm pretty sure my Mom was pregnant with Steve this particular Easter ~ 1963. That's me in the suit. It was gray and I thought I was really something in this suit. The blouse was "silky" and the handbag was quite possibly my first grown-up kind of bag. It probably had some tissue and a comb in looks pretty flat. It might even be empty! : )
I look at pictures of me as I child and I totally understand why I have problems with dark circles under my eyes now ~ I've had them forever!!

I got to thinking about the Easter baskets I received as a child. Always jelly beans, marshmallow egg candies and one hard-boiled egg with our name written on it ~ so we'd know which basket was ours! And very often we'd find some of this stuff.
Silly Putty!!!

It bounced, it crackled, it stretched and (my favorite) it copied newsprint. I especially liked to copy the Sunday comics with it. My children also received Silly Putty in their Easter Baskets and I plan on making sure my grandbabies get to experience the simple fun of Silly Putty.

What did you used to get in your Easter Basket?



Carol said...

Sweet picture of you & your siblings. Silly Putty is so much fun!!!!


Shelley said...

Sweet picture Marie....I loved silly putty and remember getting some in my basket as well but,what I remember most are the tiny little chenille chicks...they were my favorite thing....have a very blessed week dear friend....

Suzy said...

Oh yes,we would get silly putty too. You know the silly putty they make now won't pick up newsprint. I don't know if the putty changed or the ink! I remember the marshmallow chicks sticking to the straw!

Ann said...

Love the picture, the outfits you and your sister are wearing remind me of some I used to have. I just loved the new Easter outfit every year. I don't remember ever getting anything but candy in my basket but that was good enough for me

LDH said...

Oh, such a sweet picture, Marie! Precious memory! I think I received Silly Putty in a few Easter Baskets! I still love the stuff!

Jacqi said...

Emily looks just like the picture of Katie in the nurse costume to me.

RACHELLE said...

silly putty is fun for all ages!

i recently bought my kids some. They were enthralled.

I got some vintage pearls in my easter basket.